Education and training to equip individuals and organisations with the latest cutting-edge knowledge to tackle the challenges of water security is at the heart of the CRC mission. The CRC will combine university and industry teams to develop the capabilities and capacities needed for successful adoption and mainstreaming of innovative solutions. Our goal is to undertake research that is embedded within industry and to train the next generation of water professionals.

The Water Security CRC will fund PhD scholarships and support a broader training program to build the required capabilities across its research students to lead applied water security research and to operate across the research-practice boundary. This will be delivered through the Water Security Industry Training Program (WS ITP).

The CRC will build the capabilities and capacity of industry and government to adopt and mainstream research outputs. The WS ITP will ensure that Research Associates are provided with opportunities to learn from and embed their research in practice.

Industry-shaped and hosted research degrees and training are still relatively rare in Australia but internationally they have been recognized as important for decades. The WS ITP will provide:

  • A common but flexible framework for industry and government shaped and hosted student research and training.
  • A cohort-based experience for Research Associates including an annual conference, a Community of Practice, monthly interactive digital events and industry mentoring.
  • Industry and government internship opportunities to shape research agendas and provide development.
  • Formal, feedback intensive ‘on the job’ leadership development provided through a student focused leadership program.
  • Access to relevant postgraduate and industry education and training for Research Associates including digitally badged micro-credentials.

The CRC will also run a WS Innovation Accelerator program tocatalyze the adoption and mainstreaming of new technologies, processes and services to be produced by the CRC. The WS Innovation Accelerator program will respond to industry and government needs through embedding capability and capacity development (CCD) specialists within research projects and their case studies.

The Water Security CRC will provide:

Approximately 30 Higher Degree by Research (HDR) candidates (PhDs and research Masters) and 60 coursework Masters graduates.
Customised programs in business, leadership, commercialisation and driving innovation that will generate highly valued and effective workplace candidates
Tertiary programs that provide graduates with the skills, knowledge and aptitude required for incorporating water sustainability in their field of studies
Flexible micro credentialing courses
Innovation challenges that foster creativity in the CRC’s partners and other SMEs and start-ups, particularly those working in the digital technology space
The means to enable the broader Australian community to be aware of water security and promote local and household measures that can be implemented to support it